Friday, 25 January 2008

Reading an adventure is more respectable than having one

The first email I got in my inbox today had the same subject as the title of this post. "Reading an adventure is more respectable than having one".... says who?!?!

My friend, as the natural-born reporter she is, writes in her email that she noticed this tagline at an 07:50am train, at Holborn station, London.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the tagline that an author has chosen to advertise her book with. The book's titled Temple, which is also the name of the leading female character.

But what a shocking statement for a genuine late-to-sleep-early-to-rise... Londonfreniac. Her email goes on as following:
  1. Who would like to read one rather than live an adventure?
  2. Which audience is this advertisement - which is repulsively conservative, to my opinion- addressing?
  3. And what exactly does it suggest? That we live in a society that respects you more when you simply exist, lifeless as an object, than when you actually "seize the day"?
And she concludes... "Whoever wrote this, is either schizophrenically confused or has a rather twisted sense of humor, which I definitely do not approve of at 7:50 in the morning, on a speedy train, going to work... and it's Friday!"

She definitely made my day.