Wednesday, 5 September 2007

A piece of Advice to an Old Soul

Being old is not an easy thing. Being old makes you forget, and thus you might as well forget how old you are…

I can understand your may be frustrated with others when they do not listen to you but they have lessons to learn and experiences to be in awe of just like you did when you were their age.

Why attempt to deprive others of their own life lesson? This is why are to lead by example. Bossing others around is not leading by example and neither is it impressive.

Since you have been there and done that, then this is a very good reason why are now to rule the house of children, fun and pleasurable activities.

You should be having fun and showing others a good time instead of acting and reacting so serious all the time. Lighten up! YOU of all people know that everything will always turn out fine and you should be leading others to this awareness as well.