Monday, 29 June 2009

Share your Thoughts with your Friends is the online network ideal for sharing your thoughts with your friends or the members of this online community. The user interface of is customizable, one can personalize the page and fill it up with interesting content: blogs, videos, breaking news, podcasts or photos.

In the Breaking News page the members can read the most emailed, most viewed, most recommended or the most bookmarked news but what you and your friends will surely enjoy is the Oddly Enough section where you can read that the Rat Island finally went rat-fre, a police station is Sierra Leone was taken over by poisonous snakes and other strange news from this funny world we live in.

In the Podcasts section you can listen online to songs or to other users tortured by talent while playing the piano or other musical instruments. Dust off all those music pieces you compiled a while ago, upload them on and let your future fans worship you. The language lessons are very useful as well - play a Spanish lesson about adjectives while you are surfing the web. The good news is that the users can upload their favourite music into this section, so after you read this we should expect an increase in the trance podcasts available on

I am intrigued to see how this one goes... this 'experiment' will say a lot about the nature of the social media networking sites... Are they just hubs of gossip (like Twitter) and spying tools (employers are using Facebook to spy on their employees - this is now thought to be what we'd call a "normal practice") or do people really want to communicate with each other and expand their horizons? Will they share their thoughts or do they only want to show off their lifestyle?

Internet offers unlimited possibilities to a user today and so does social networking. So we can't really label anything (or any website for that reason) as good or bad... The real challenge lies in answering the question how do/will people choose to use the available resources.