Thursday, 21 May 2009

Have you registered to VOTE yet?

If not, then this is definitely the time to do so! It's easy and it's actually the only thing that will make you feel good next time a scandal bursts! "At least, I did not vote for these bastards", you'll think... Trust me - it works. And that's why I find it very sad that more and more intelligent, fine young people prefer apathy over power and willingness to change the world.

Yes, change the world! If you have a good opinion and you keep it to yourself, who is it good for? Nobody. We complain about the party leaders, the parties themselves, the government, the whole bloody system but everything is how it is because we - people - let it be.

Think about it for a sec! And keep on reading... this year we are all voting!

At what point in history did people object an idea, a monarch, a tyrant, even a war... anything(!) and did not manage to overturn it?

It is no magic. It is no coincidence. It is people that make it happen, again and again and (let's do it!) again... throughout the human history. But people who believe in themselves. People that will not take no for an answer. People like you and me that just had enough.

At least I know I've had enough...
of people telling me that I can't change the world....
that I am not someone special....
they even dare to say that I don't have the power! And they forget...

They forget that everything there is and there's ever been is created by and for people. And we are the people... but we seem to be tired and feel weak. Unable to react or even express an opinion (cast your vote!) about what's to fall upon our heads and our children's heads. And then suddenly it becomes cool not to be bothered.

Are you really not that bothered? - is my question.
"I am not bothered" is indeed a very catchy (and popular) comedy phrase and english comedy is renowned to be sarcastic and satiric. It's not surprising the comedians are holding up the mirror against our society, the funny thing is that we stand there and just laugh without realising that we actually do laugh at ourselves. If we realised we'd still laugh, but also move, change our ways.

But it is surprising that almost 80 years of experience of television is not enough for our species to evolve and actually realise when talented marketeers are playing games with their minds. Can scientists come up with some kind of bullshit-detector pill that we should take 3 times a day after food?

Some people blame their disengagement to their declining trust in governments and politics in general. I can fully understand the trust issues, you got me there! I, myself, was so disheartened by my home country's election results that promised I won't even talk about politics again.

But every time I am making such big-mouth statements I tend to think of my mother "So what! Who you think you are hurting?" - classic! - and most of the times the answer was "me?". I mean the little voice in my head, my actual answer is probably untranslatable (told you I had a big mouth).

Think about a village! Would the mayor dare take any decision, do anything at all that was not in the benefits of the village as a whole? When it comprises of let's say 500 people. He would not. And you know why! You have nowhere to hide in a village anyway, imagine being the mayor who's wronged the people that voted for him and coincidentally he went to the same school with, is somehow related, etc... And people tend to come together at villages and talk a lot and they know that even though John is now the mayor, he is still John and if they don't like him anymore they can get rid of him... pffff, easily.

The worst bit and what really grinds my gears is that "they" do not want us to vote. And that's what makes me want to vote that badly! Actually the less people vote the better it is for them, the rest they can manipulate or corrupt. But they can manipulate and corrupt only a few, this is how they sustain their wealth after all, who obviously have some kind of power themselves (power can come in many forms but mainly it expresses itself through money - this is a capitalist society after all!). These few of course control some others.... and we end up with a pyramid system that goes so high that we forget (to look up) to care! Do the math and you'll see there is hope!

The statistics are even sadder to read. In 2006 elections 16% replied "don't know" and 7% did not even cared to vote. Most of them between the ages of 25-34. Well guys, sorry to break the news... are you out partying? Too busy with your jobs? Because these are the best, most productive years of our lives and we should be able to live them in a way that we approve. Not just turn our heads away and pretend this is not happening.

It is happening and we actually are responsible for not stopping it. It is us they fear. It is our time to shine. We are holding the world in our hands and simply stare at it, instead of spin it all around and actually make it happen. That - which we all imagine but do not speak of.

I need to know. I want to see if everyone votes will things still be the same? Are we really braindead or just asleep?