Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hey, My Email is Confidential!

We all read blogs every day and probably leave quite a few comments every week. Can you imagine your email address being posted every time you submit a comment online? I am sure it happens every now and then but hopefully not too often...

Have you ever posted a comment online and some douchebag published your email address along with your comment?

What did you do? Did you close your email account to get away from all the spam? Did you behome a hacker just to gain access and remove your email address yourself?

I hear this is the case for a website that is maintained by someone called Emmanuel Sarides. His title is Dr but not for Doctor but Dreadful Emmanuel Sarides.

Since 2009 I have been contacting the webmaster with a simple and honest request, remove my email address from the internet, man! In 2012, he threatened me that he'd sue me for harrassment should I continue asking that he removes my email address.

How do you feel about people violating your rights? What action would you take, if any?

The email communication I exchanged with him will follow soon.