Monday, 18 January 2010



Similar to all of you and certainly not different I was dying to finally get my hands on this black beauty (some prefer it white – but they’re not the cool guys- aha, there… I said it! What you’re gonna do about it, what you’re gonna do about it?! Hehehe hoho), the legendary iPhone.

But it’s crap, it really is. It’s OK for me to say it ‘cause I love it so much. I love it so much that I hate it… it happens in real life also you love something so much that you end up to hate it for not being worthy of your love or for being so much worthy of love in general that you don’t have so much to give and you feel drained but in any way let me not get carried away, cause I keep on talking and jumping from one thought to another for hours, maybe days. Certainly haven’t tried it for a week, but a good couple of days for sure. I remember that. It was one day… hehe, I am only joking.

It is the iPhone that I want to moan about today. And here it comes. Surely you’ll all remember from my previous post how I have been waiting for a long long (it’s not a grammar error you idiotic ugly Word Assistant. It adds to the drama, you ignorant ignorant moran!) time for O2 to restock the new 3GS 32GB iPhones.

It’s not the iPhone, it’s O2 that’s crap.

Reasons to switch to iPhone
  • Voice4Mail
  • Voicenotes Dictaphone
  • Remote desktop lite
  • Addison Lee on the go
  • Ocado on the go.
    How cool is that! Instead of making lists and sticking non-sticky post it notes on the freezer and finally ending up always forgetting something you needed from the supermarket. And the Murphy rule has it that it’s most of the times the thing that made you decide you need to do the shopping in the first place.
    If of course you don’t order online then I guess a simple To do or Shopping List note would do the trick.

    Other Dubious Applications that caught my eye
  • Excuse generator
  • Fake Caller
  • Fake Conversation

    When it comes to typing... iPhone does not have sideways arrows to move to the left and/or to the right. And it does not have an Undo button. Remember tears came in our eyes when the Undo button was first introduced. What a marvellous day for humanity, “what is done, can be undone” screamed Bill to the world. But no no no, that kind of magic is not what Apple stands for and represents.