Tuesday, 12 November 2013

2013 - A Factual Criminal Justice System Review

While we are busy running our lives, things are happening to us all the time. Sometimes we don't know about them. Sometimes we don't think about them or choose to ignore them.

But hardly ever do we have the time or the luxury to speak up or demand a positive change. 

Why do our societies fail us? Why does our justice system not serve justice its people?

Is the criminal justice system fighting violence or just pretending?

In the video that follows, Mr Alex Kreit, Professor of Criminal Law, asks some hard questions and discloses some even harder to ignore statistics.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Love Is What Love Is - A Most Romantic Marriage Proposal

As the debate about same-sex marriage proceeds, I happened to stumble upon the most romantic marriage proposal that was ever captured on video. Flash-mob style!

People can be so romantic when love is what love is. And this is pure love!

Sweet dreams and much love!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Modern Times - Modern Family

One of my favorite comedy TV series at the moment is Modern Family.

Modern Family is a satire that looks at three different families- typical and not-so-typical- who are really just an extended one.

Modern Family successfully raises an eyebrow at the challenges and 'trials' each one faces in her own uniquely comedic way.

It is all you expect from a comedy, and at the same time it's not! In that it is indeed modern, fresh and refreshing with quick dialogues and smart lines.

The director has chosen a very interesting angle, it is - what people in the film and TV industry call - a mockumentary, which means it's still all scripted but events are presented in documentary format.

And even if you are not in the mood for some family comedy, Sofia Vergara is promising to shake things up and make it all well worth it.

Watch it and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hey, My Email is Confidential!

We all read blogs every day and probably leave quite a few comments every week. Can you imagine your email address being posted every time you submit a comment online? I am sure it happens every now and then but hopefully not too often...

Have you ever posted a comment online and some douchebag published your email address along with your comment?

What did you do? Did you close your email account to get away from all the spam? Did you behome a hacker just to gain access and remove your email address yourself?

I hear this is the case for a website that is maintained by someone called Emmanuel Sarides. His title is Dr but not for Doctor but Dreadful Emmanuel Sarides.

Since 2009 I have been contacting the webmaster with a simple and honest request, remove my email address from the internet, man! In 2012, he threatened me that he'd sue me for harrassment should I continue asking that he removes my email address.

How do you feel about people violating your rights? What action would you take, if any?

The email communication I exchanged with him will follow soon.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Won an Oscar but Lost a Man

There's an interesting fact I read on the Daily Mail today...! "Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Swank, Chalize Theron, Julia Roberts and Halle Berry all found themselves newly single shortly after winning an Academy Award." Sandra Bullock is the latest newly added member of this 'exclusive' team as she just found out... that her honey-bunny Jesse James was cheating on her while she was away shooting a film in Atlanta.

The article goes as far as to call this 'rare' phenomenon the "Oscars Curse" (ta-ta-ta-DAH!) but I prefer to call it... human nature. Men and women cheat on their partners for all kinds of different reasons. No matter how pretty, famous and adorable you might think you are...

Look into the Princess Diana case.... The whole planet is wondering how has Charles chosen Camilla over Diana, but he's not... and neither is Camilla. Remember the chick that Hugh Grant has chosen for himself when he got tired of... Liz Harley?! Tiger Woods, John Terry, and so many more are only human beings and we tend to forget this purely because they are on the spotlight.

Of course I can understand the humiliation they are feeling since actors are normally very sensitive people who are overexposed to the media and therefore to people's judgement and it's hard - so bloody hard - not to give a damn about what other people think when your primary aim in life is for everybody to adore you and recognise how special you are. They are most vulnerable because of their exposure - agreed.

But even this is rapidly changing. Social networking sites are turning us all into small celebrities. Even if you just have a few hundreds eyes fixed upon you, you still might feel you are famous and therefore important. This is a very common phenomenon in smaller cities too, where people think so high of themselves and carry themselves around like some sort of royalty just because they know a handful of other people that live in the same god-forgotten place.

Whatever goes out on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site stays there forever! We ourselves are becoming small celebrities with people regularly following our news, commenting on our photos, and we are always trying to impress them all. "Look at me, look at me! Do you want to become my neighbour in Farmville?!" hahahaha - it's so funny really (though tinged with a pinch of sadness) how people in our days take much more time to care about their online profiles rather than themselves.

Well the truth has always been hard and ugly but it's out there for anyone that dares to face it. We are either all special all none of us. And cheating is a global phenomenon as old as time and light. So why are we (I refer to the human race as a whole) still taking it all so seriously in the first place? Wouldn't it be better if we all put our hands on our hearts and admitted that we might all fancy some variety in our sex life from time to time?

I am not trying to underestimate anyone's feelings. All I am saying is that since 90% of the world's population (I just made up this statistic just like everybody else does! :P) is bound to experience a heartbreak, we would be much better off, psychologically speaking, if we avoided any unnecessary repetition of the painful and distressing memories and (alas!) changed the way we think and feel about the infidelity in general. Let's be honest with ourselves first and then the lies, we sometimes base our whole lives upon, will soon fade away....

Any other thoughts?

Monday, 18 January 2010



Similar to all of you and certainly not different I was dying to finally get my hands on this black beauty (some prefer it white – but they’re not the cool guys- aha, there… I said it! What you’re gonna do about it, what you’re gonna do about it?! Hehehe hoho), the legendary iPhone.

But it’s crap, it really is. It’s OK for me to say it ‘cause I love it so much. I love it so much that I hate it… it happens in real life also you love something so much that you end up to hate it for not being worthy of your love or for being so much worthy of love in general that you don’t have so much to give and you feel drained but in any way let me not get carried away, cause I keep on talking and jumping from one thought to another for hours, maybe days. Certainly haven’t tried it for a week, but a good couple of days for sure. I remember that. It was one day… hehe, I am only joking.

It is the iPhone that I want to moan about today. And here it comes. Surely you’ll all remember from my previous post how I have been waiting for a long long (it’s not a grammar error you idiotic ugly Word Assistant. It adds to the drama, you ignorant ignorant moran!) time for O2 to restock the new 3GS 32GB iPhones.

It’s not the iPhone, it’s O2 that’s crap.

Reasons to switch to iPhone
  • Voice4Mail
  • Voicenotes Dictaphone
  • Remote desktop lite
  • Addison Lee on the go
  • Ocado on the go.
    How cool is that! Instead of making lists and sticking non-sticky post it notes on the freezer and finally ending up always forgetting something you needed from the supermarket. And the Murphy rule has it that it’s most of the times the thing that made you decide you need to do the shopping in the first place.
    If of course you don’t order online then I guess a simple To do or Shopping List note would do the trick.

    Other Dubious Applications that caught my eye
  • Excuse generator
  • Fake Caller
  • Fake Conversation

    When it comes to typing... iPhone does not have sideways arrows to move to the left and/or to the right. And it does not have an Undo button. Remember tears came in our eyes when the Undo button was first introduced. What a marvellous day for humanity, “what is done, can be undone” screamed Bill to the world. But no no no, that kind of magic is not what Apple stands for and represents.

Monday, 21 December 2009

O2 Bad Mobile Network Coverage - Two Laptops or an iPhone?

O2 is experiencing coverage problems again in London, UK. It does not affect all iPhones (and other mobiles using the 3G technology) but it's definitely annoying for those who does affect. Two days have gone by, and they still haven't made an announcement. I called their Customer Service team as I thought that my 1 - week old iPhone was going funny in the SIM, if you know what I mean.

They confirmed they are aware of the existing coverage problems but had not been given a timeline of when the problems is going to be resolved. The representative was unable to confirm why some iPhones were not affected.

It's been two days and I still cannot get my email, of course I cannot send either. I cannot access the internet nor any of the applications that run over the internet. This would be fine if it only happened let's say once a year, but how many times a year have we (O2 customers) have to put up with this? Users in social networks reported the same problem already 5 or 6 times this year alone.

Well, at least it still receives calls and sends messages but let's be honest know... i didn't pay the price of 2 laptops just for that, did I?

Or perhaps did you?